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List of ARC•PEACE meetings

2016 Palma


Minutes of the 19th General Assembly (27 pages)

Annex I (18 pages) Download
Annex II (9 pages) Download
Annex III (26 pages) Download
Annex IV (3 pages) Download
Annex V (2 pages) Download
ANNEX VI - Signatures of Members present at GA 2016. Download

2014 Vienna


Minutes from the 18th Arc•PeaceGeneral Assembly meeting

ARC-PEACE's Activity Plan for 2012-2014 (5 pages) Download

2012 Copenhagen

Minutes from the ARC-PEACE meeting 2012 (18 pages) Download

2010 Stockholm

Co-Chair Misra: Stockholm meeting was a success(1 pages) Download
Minutes from Stockholm meeting (11 pages) Download
Secretariat Report 2008-2010 (4 pages) Download

2009 Khartoum

PowerPoint presentation by Osman El Kheir (6 pages) Download
Climate design and competence with social responsibility (1 pages) Download

2008 Barcelona

Short report from Barcelona meeting  (2 pages) Download
Minutes from meeting (4 pages) Download
Secretarial Report 2004-2008 (4 pages) Download
Reflections from Barcelona (2 pages) Download

2006 Vancouver

Minutes from Vancouver meeting (2 pages) Download
Rely on women to solve global housing crisis (1 page) Download

2004 Gdansk

Minutes from Gdansk meeting (20 pages) Download

2002 New York

Successful meeting in New York (1 page) Download
Full report from the New York meeting (14 pages) Download

2000 Stockholm

Report from the Stockholm meeting13-14 June 2000 (18 pages) Download

1997 Lima

Full report from the Lima meeting 9 November 1997 (7 pages) Download

1996 Istanbul

Minutes from the Istanbul meeting Download
Chairman’s report to the Istanbul meeting Download
Human Settlements and Professional Responsibility, Arc•Peace Contributions to the Habitat II Conference (46 pages),  

1995 Copenhagen

Minutes from the Copenhagen meeting, Download

1993 Chicago

Minutes from the Chicago meeting Download

1992 Rio de Janeiro


No minutes from meeting. Arc•Peace Report to the Rio conference, see Publications


1991 Rio Hondo, Argentina

Minutes from the Argentina meeting Download

1990 Montreal

Minutes from the Montreal meeting Download

1989 Prague

Report from the Prague meeting Download

1988 Stockholm


Minutes from Stockholm meeting (14 pages)

Speech by Inga Thorsson on Disarmament and Conversion, see Publications


1987 Brighton

Minutes from the Brighton meeting (3 pages) Download